Weldments - Default Configurations

When a weldment feature is added to a part, the software creates two default configurations: a parent configuration, Default<As Machined>, and a derived configuration, Default<As Welded>.

You create the model in the <As Machined> configuration, and include all machined features. Then, if you want to show the part as it appears before the machining operations are performed, you use the <As Welded> configuration and suppress the machined features.

For example, for the following part:
  1. In the <As Machined> configuration, you create the structural members, extrude the plate, add weld beads, and add the holes in the plate and structural members.
  2. Then, in the <As Welded> configuration, you suppress the hole features.
On a per document basis, you can suppress the automatic creation of the [As Welded] configuration. Before adding weldments to a new document, click Options (Standard toolbar). On the Weldments page of Document Properties, clear Create derived configuration.