Creating Smart Components

You define a Smart Component in a defining assembly. The following data is captured in the component as a Smart Feature :

  • External references to the files of associated components.
  • Information to create associated features.
  • Information to reconstruct the defining assembly.

After you establish the component as smart, you no longer need the files for the defining assembly or for the parts containing the associated features, because the information is stored in the smart component file. You do still need the files of associated components, because the smart component file contains external references to these files.

To make a component smart:

  1. Create an assembly containing:
    • The component you want to make smart
    • Components you want to associate with the Smart Component
    • Components containing features you want to associate with the Smart Component
  2. Position the components and apply mates.
  3. Click Make Smart Component (Assemblies toolbar) or click Tools > Make Smart Component.
  4. Set options in the Smart Component PropertyManager.
  5. Save the assembly and click Yes to save the referenced models that have been modified.
    When you click Yes, all the defining data, including the information necessary to reconstruct the defining assembly, is stored in the Smart Component document as a Smart Feature . The defining assembly document is no longer needed.