SPR Fixes

We have fixed a large number of Software Performance Reports (SPRs) in SOLIDWORKS 2021 by development projects specifically selected to address quality and performance issues reported by customers.

See forum.solidworks.com/docs/DOC-3881 for the full list of fixed SPRs.

SPR Resolution
1173747 If you open an assembly in Large Design Review mode with Scroll selected item into view selected, then select multiple entities in the graphics area, the FeatureManager design tree only scrolls the last item into view.
418002, 444908, 477042, 515495, 622837, 804884, 915862 Sheet metal:
  • Flat pattern corner treatments use updated algorithms to correctly identify corner geometry and apply appropriate corner treatments to avoid sharp cuts and notches.
  • Fixed issues for mirrored and derived parts to create proper corner treatments.

  • Assembly features can propagate to individual components even if there are multiple instances of the same part in the assembly. Sheet metal parts created in SOLIDWORKS 2013 and later did not support this functionality.

277376 Cosmetic threads are no longer visible if they are on the back side of a model.
627329 While you are adding a dimension, the preview of the dimension is now semitransparent so you can see the geometry under the preview.
617225, 678924, 1015070, 1032525, 1125484, 923080, 1159398 SOLIDWORKS PDM:
  • In the reference dialog boxes, the preference you select for Show Tree Lines is retained across sessions.
  • In the Bill of Materials tab, the thumbnail previews are larger.
  • In the file list, the file size is displayed in a single unit for ease of comparison and is consistent with Microsoft® Windows® File Explorer.
  • In the file view tabs, the quality of thumbnail images has improved significantly.
  • In the Preview tab, a thumbnail preview is available for DWG and DXF format files.
  • In SOLIDWORKS PDM File Explorer, file lists follow the sort preference (numeric or literal) specified for Windows File Explorer.
  • In the Contains and Where Used tabs, when you expand a file node, only the immediate child references are displayed.
953237, 1070099, 1105835, 518149 SOLIDWORKS PDM:
  • Fixed issues in the execution of the Copy as Path command.
  • Fixed issues with Get Latest Version of a file that had versions cold-stored, was rolled back, and was recreated on a replicated server.
  • Fixed issues in the CSV format export of Bills of Material that had special characters, such as comma or double quotes, in the description field.
  • You can now select the option to look for mandatory values only in the @ tab for SLDDRW files.
1150640, 1156689, 1156701, 1156718 SOLIDWORKS PDM:
  • Check-in of drawings with user-defined references are now faster.
  • The display of files with large data sets is now faster in the Bill of Materials and Contains tab.
  • The performance of the Change State operation is improved.