Import Rule Dialog Box

Use the Import Rule dialog box to configure rules that import data from XML files.

To display this dialog box:

Expand Vault > Data Import/Export, right-click Import Rules, and select New Import Rule.

Name of rule  
Frequency to check folder Number of minutes that elapse before the folder is re-checked for updated XML files. The first check is performed when the database server service starts.
Import from folder Click Browse(...) to navigate to the folder containing files to import, then click OK.

Ensure that the folder path is accessible by the computer running the database server service. Use a UNC path if the folder is in a network location.

Variable alias set to use Optional set of mappings from imported attributes and values to variables in a file in the vault.

Alias names defined in the alias set and included in the imported file are matched with corresponding data card variables. When an alias set is not used, the import file must contain names that exactly match the data card variable names of values to be imported.