Task Properties - Add-in

You can use the Add-in page of a task's Properties dialog box to select the add-in for the task. You can also specify an input card, the user to execute the task, and the number and frequency of retries.

To display this page:

  • For an existing task, expand Tasks and double-click the task.
  • For a new task, right-click Tasks and click New Task.
Add-in Add in for task.
SOLIDWORKS PDM Standard supports SOLIDWORKS Task Add-in only.
Input card (For SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional) Card displayed for user input when task is initiated.

The Convert and Print tasks that are enabled when the vault is created are not coded to use an input card and no input cards are installed. To use an input card with these tasks, create a card (or add fields to an existing card) to provide runtime values to the convert or print tasks. Use the Advanced Script Options dialog box to modify the tasks by adding code that uses the input from the card. Use the { } syntax to refer to card variables.

For more information, refer to the file API_GB.chm that is available in the SOLIDWORKS PDM install folder.

Execute task as user User whose permissions are used when task is executed.

The selected user must have appropriate permissions for the task. For example, for a conversion task, the user must have permission to add a file to the folder specified in the output path.

If no user is selected, the task is executed by the logged-in user.

Password Enter password if you specify user.
Number of retries on failure Number of times execution of task is retried if it fails.
Minutes to wait before failing Number of minutes before execution of task is regarded as failure.