Troubleshooting SolidNetWork Licenses

If the SolidNetWork License Manager installation fails, check for these possible explanations.

Accessing the SolidNetWork License log files

When a license error occurs, the answer often appears in the SNL_Manager_install_dir\lmgrd.log file.

Could not obtain a license for SOLIDWORKS PDM or Cannot connect to license server

Typically, these problems are caused by port settings.
  • Port settings between the SolidNetWork License Manager and the license client might not match.
  • Additional port settings for multiple versions of SolidNetWork License Managers might not have been specified.
  • Check that the client machine can accurately resolve and route to the server, given the server name. Also, check that the server can accurately resolve and route to the client, given the client machine name.
  • Check that the port number in the log file under Server Administration tab is correct.
  • Check that the firewall on the SolidNetWork License server does not block the port access.
When a log error occurs, you can check the Log File in the Administration tool.