Adding Tasks to a Vault

SOLIDWORKS PDM includes the Convert, Design Checker, and Print, tasks for use with SOLIDWORKS files. To provide access to these tasks, you must add them to a vault.

You can add the Convert, Design Checker, and Print tasks to a vault by:

  • Selecting the tasks when you create a new vault
  • Importing the tasks into an existing vault

    You add also import custom tasks you create using the SOLIDWORKS PDM APIs.

Adding Tasks During Vault Creation

You can add the SOLIDWORKS Task Add-in Convert and Print tasks to a vault when you create it.

Use import to add custom tasks you create using the SOLIDWORKS PDM APIs.

To add tasks during vault creation:

  1. In the Administration tool, right-click the archive server and click Create new vault.
  2. Use the Create New Vault wizard to specify the vault name, archive folder, database server, regional options, and admin user password.
  3. On the Configure vault screen, select Use a standard configuration.
  4. Select the Default configuration and click Next.
  5. On the Select configuration details screen, under Task Execution, select Convert, Design Checker, and Print.
  6. Click Next, and click Finish.
In the new vault, the Convert, Design Checker, and Print tasks appear under Tasks.

Importing Tasks into a Vault

If a vault does not include the Print and Convert tasks, you can import them.

For example, you can import tasks into a vault created using the Quick Start configuration, which does not include tasks.

To import the Print, Design Checker, and Convert tasks into a vault:

  1. Log in to the vault into which you want to import the tasks.
  2. At the top level of the vault, right-click and click Import.
  3. In the Open dialog box, navigate to:
    install_dir\Default Data\
  4. Select Convert_gb.cex, Print_gb.cex, and DesignChecker_gb.cex and click Open.
  5. When confirmation messages appear for each file, click OK.
    Convert, Design Checker, and Print appear under Tasks and the SWTaskAddIn is installed under Add-ins.
You can also export a task from another vault and import it into the vault.