Troubleshooting Task Problems

When a task fails, you can view information about the problem by displaying the details of the failed task in the Task Details dialog box or accessing the task's error log through a link in an error notification.

When you configure the Print and Convert tasks, you specify the location of the error log:

  • On the File page of the Print task's Properties dialog box
  • On the Output File Details page of the Convert task's Properties dialog box

The user who executes the Design Checker task specifies the log file path for the task on the Design Checker input card that displays when the task is initiated.

Before running a task, you must ensure that you have a workflow that specifies that .log files can enter the workflow. You can add a condition allowing .log files to enter an existing workflow in the workflow's Properties dialog box, or you can create a workflow specifically for task log files.

A workflow you create for task log files requires only one initial state. All users should have permissions to that initial state.