Adding an Archive Server

To create a vault, you must be able to connect to an archive server. If an archive server is installed but is not visible in the Administration tool, you can add it.

  1. From the Windows Start menu, click SOLIDWORKS PDM > Administration to open the Administration tool.
  2. Click File > Add Server.
  3. In the Add Server dialog box, for Server name, select or enter the server to add.

    Use the server system name, not the IP address, unless the environment is configured for IP-only communication, as described in the Installation Guide.

    When adding an archive server to a wide-area network (WAN), DNS can fail when looking up the IP address of the server host name. As a workaround, ensure that the client can successfully ping the server by name. If the ping does not work, update the local HOSTS file.

    For details, see Adding Archive Servers in a WAN Environment in the SOLIDWORKS PDM/SOLIDWORKS Manage Installation Guide.

  4. Click OK.