Configuring the Convert Task (For SOLIDWORKS PDM Standard only)

Administrators can configure the Drawing to PDF Convert task provided by the SOLIDWORKS Task Add-in to convert a SOLIDWORKS Drawing file to PDF. The task can map data card variables, and set the naming convention and destination for converted files.

SOLIDWORKS PDM Standard can convert a SOLIDWORKS Drawing file to PDF during a workflow transition using the same task technology used in SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional.

To configure the Drawing to PDF Convert task:

  1. In the Administration tool, expand Tasks and double-click Convert.
  2. In the dialog box, in the left pane, click Execution Method.
  3. Select the client computers that can be used to execute the task and how task execution is initiated.
    You must configure each client computer as a task host to appear in the list and run the Drawing to PDF Convert task on the computer where you initiate the workflow transition.
    Each client computer must have a licensed version of SOLIDWORKS to initiate the task.
  4. Click Conversion Settings > Conversion Options to display the output file format's Advanced Conversion Options (Adobe PDF) dialog box.
    The only output file format available is Adobe PDF (default).
  5. Under Source file references, specify the version of referenced files to convert.
  6. Click File Card to map variables from the source file's data card to the output file's data card.
  7. Click Output File Details to specify the output file name format and destination.
    You can specify only the output paths that are inside the vault.
  8. Click OK.