Permitting Task Execution

To execute tasks on a computer, you must configure the computer to be a task host. You grant task execution permission for each vault where tasks will be run.

For the Convert, Design Checker, and Print tasks, SOLIDWORKS must be installed on the systems you select for task execution. When the task runs, SOLIDWORKS is opened briefly. If you configure a task to convert assemblies that use Toolbox parts, to prevent SOLIDWORKS from hanging, specify the Hole Wizard/Toolbox path in SOLIDWORKS to the Toolbox location in the vault. See Configuring Toolbox in SOLIDWORKS PDM and SOLIDWORKS.

To configure a computer as a task host:

  1. On a computer, you are configuring to host tasks, use SOLIDWORKS PDM File Explorer to log in to the vault.
  2. In the notification area to the right of the taskbar, click the SOLIDWORKS PDM icon and click Task Host Configuration.
  3. In the Task Host Configuration dialog box, select the vault where you want to permit task execution.
    The task add-ins installed in the vault are listed.
  4. Under Permit, select the add-ins that can execute tasks on this computer.
  5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 for each vault where you want to permit task execution.
  6. Click OK.
When an administrator selects the execution method for a task, the computer appears in the list of computers you can select for task execution.
A user with permissions to run the task must be logged in to the machine that hosts the task to be triggered.