Working Off-line

You can work on files in your local cache off-line when you are not connected to a SOLIDWORKS PDM vault.

In off-line mode, only files in your local cache are accessible. Files that are checked out are writeable.

If your administrator has installed and configured the SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional Web server, you can use the SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional Web client to check files out remotely so that you can access them off-line. To learn how to access the SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional Web client, see the SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional Web Server Guide. The Web Server Guide is available from the Help menu of the Administration tool.

In off-line mode, the Preview tab displays the part or assembly, but the other tabs contain no data. Right-click the file and click Properties to access information about the file.

To work off-line:

  1. In SOLIDWORKS PDM File Explorer, click Tools > Work Off-line.
    A notification indicates that the vault is going off-line. The folders in the vault display as blue if the vault is off-line.
    You can also set up an off-line session from the log in dialog box by clicking Work Offline.
  2. Work with files in the local cache.
    1. Right-click a file or folder in off-line mode and click Online > Get Latest Version , Online > Check Out , or Online > Check In .
    To return to working online:
    • Click Tools > Work On-line and log in. Folders no longer display as blue and you can use revision control commands again.