Administrative Image Option Editor

The Administrative Image Option Editor lets you customize installation parameter settings in an administrative image for individual machines and for groups of machines.

After creating an administrative image, SOLIDWORKS Installation Manager asks you to start the Option Editor. You can also start the Option Editor by double-clicking sldAdminOptionEditor.exe in the administrative image folder.

To specify different installation configurations for groups of machines or individual machines, in the Option Editor, select machines by specifying any of the following:
  • machine name
  • IP address
  • IP address range
Then specify the installation options for those machines.
All dialog boxes, that prompt for a file or folder path, include an option where you can assign a selected folder to an environment variable. For example, if you select C:\Program Files\SOLIDWORKS Corp, the file path is mapped to %ProgramFiles%\SOLIDWORKS Corp . The most common variables are %ProgramFiles% and %SystemDrive%. Also, you cannot convert all paths into environment variables. For example, Z:\SOLIDWORKS Data cannot be mapped to an environment variable.