Select Components Dialog Box

You can use the Select Components dialog box to add or remove components from the Routing database.

To display this dialog box, from the Piping and Tubing Database dialog box, click Select Components.

Component type properties

  Library path Displays the location of the Routing library parts.
  Show existing database components Displays all Routing library parts in the database. Select Remove Components to remove components from the database.
  Scan for library components which are not in the database Displays all Routing library parts that are not in the database.


Scans for components that are not in database.

Add Components

Adds the scanned components to the database. Select a check box to add the component.

Filter Filters a database column, based on selected filtering criteria.
  Save Saves changes to the database.

Excluded Folders

You can hide the contents of specified folders in the Select Components dialog box.

Scan excluded folders Adds the excluded folders for scanning.
Add Adds a folder to Excluded Folders.
Remove Removes a folder from Excluded Folders.