Tag Scheme Manager Dialog Box

You can define tag schemes for pipes, equipment, or other fittings in the Tag Scheme Manager.

Tags are useful for:
  • Specifying the sequence in which subtags appear within a tag.
  • Applying a standard labeling scheme to pipes, equipment, and other fittings.
Tag schemes are only used in Routing assemblies created from P&ID data.
To display this dialog box, do one of the following:
  • Click Tools > Routing > Routing Tools > Routing Library Manager , and click Tag Scheme Manager .
  • From the Windows Start menu, click All Programs > SOLIDWORKS version > SOLIDWORKS Tools > SOLIDWORKS version Routing Library Manager > Tag Scheme Manager .

Tag scheme manager

Scheme name Defines the tag scheme name. You can define more than one scheme. For example, you may have one scheme from a gas company, and a different scheme from an oil company.
Create Scheme Generates a new scheme.
Delete Scheme Removes a scheme.
Scheme view Displays a tree view of the schemes.
Tag scheme type Specifies the scheme type: Equipment, Other Fittings, or Pipes.
Enter an example tag Displays a sample tag.
Example tag field values Displays each subtag after you define it in Define fields and click Add to Tag. The subtag is blue if the subtag is defined properly. Otherwise, the subtag is red.
Define fields Specifies the subtag in the tag sequence.

Field name

Sets the type of subtag.

Custom field name

When you set Field name to Custom, you can specify a custom subtag type.

Field delimiter

  • Specific character: Specifies a character that separates each subtag.
  • Include delimiter: Uses the Specific character as part of the subtag definition. When selected, the delimiter is included in the subtag value when the software interprets the tag.
  • Number of characters: Defines the number of characters that separate subtags.

Field data

Displays the interpreted string from Enter an example tag as a subtag.

Add to Tag

Inserts Field data content into Example tag field values.

Delete Last Field Removes the most recent subtag you defined in Define fields.