Routing Along Existing Surface

You can create a route at a defined distance from an existing surface using the dimension tool, to which routing specific properties have been added. You can also measure offset distance from the centerline or outer surface of the pipe, and include or exclude covering thickness.

You can also use the Auto Route tool to route along existing geometry.
  1. Click Edit Route (Piping toolbar).
  2. Using the Smart Dimension tool ( Tools > Dimensions > Smart ), select the pipe to offset and then select the reference object. In the image below, the user has selected the pipe segment to offset and the base as the reference.

  3. Click again to place the dimension.
    The Modify dialog box appears.
  4. In the dialog box, type the offset distance and click . The distance is calculated from the outer surface of the pipe.
    The Dimension PropertyManager appears.
  5. To calculate the distance from the centerline, on the Other tab select Use centerline dimension.
  6. On the same tab, you can select or clear the option Include covering thickness.
    1. Select it to calculate the offset distance from the outer surface of the covering.
    2. Clear it to calculate the distance from the outer surface of the pipe. The covering thickness is ignored.
  7. Click .
  8. To define the offset distance, you can also do the following:
    1. Select the pipe segment to offset.
    2. Ctrl + select the reference object.
    3. In the PropertyManager, under Add Relations, click Route Along .
    4. Type the distance in the Modify dialog box and click .
    5. To change options on the Other tab of the Dimension PropertyManager, click the dimension in the graphics area to display the PropertyManager, the click .