Find References Dialog Box

Lists files referenced by the active part, assembly, or drawing document.

  • In an assembly document, lists the part and subassembly documents that are components of the active assembly. This is useful if you have several versions of the component files.
  • In a part document, lists externally referenced documents, if they exist.
  • Shows the name and the folder location for referenced files.

To view the referenced files:

  1. Click File > Find References.
  2. Select options:
    Include broken references Adds broken references.
    Nested view or Flat view Indents file names based on their parent/child relationships, or positions all names at the left margin.
    Select Nested view to preserve folder structure. Saves the model and all its references in one folder for Flat view.
    Print Print the list of referenced files.
    Copy List Copy the list of reference files.
    Copy Files Opens the Pack and Go dialog box.
  3. Optional: To copy the referenced files, click Copy files and set options in the Pack and Go dialog box.