Bend Deviation PropertyManager

When you create a lofted bend, you can examine the surface area and curve lengths of the bend. These items are located in the Bend Deviation PropertyManager.

To examine bend deviation:

  1. In the FeatureManager design tree:
    1. Right-click Flat-Pattern1 and select Unsuppress.
    2. Click EXPAND.gif to expand Flat-Pattern1.
    3. Right-click Flatten-<Freeform Bend1>1, and select Bend Deviation.
      The graphics area callouts display the bend deviation values for each edge. The bend deviation plane for the Bend Surface Area is the plane or face where the sketch is located. For example, if the material is extruded toward the inside of the model, bend deviation is measured from the outside face.
      The Bend Deviation PropertyManager appears, and displays the following:
      • Under Bend Surface Area:
        Folded Surface area of the lofted bend when in the folded state.
        Flat Surface area of the lofted bend when in the flattened state.
        Deviation Flat value minus the Folded value.
        Percentage change (%) Deviation value divided by the Folded value, multiplied by 100.
      • Under Curve Lengths:
        Max deviation only When selected, this shows the maximum deviation of the curve only.
  2. Click .