Task Sidebar

You can select a task to set up from the Task sidebar or Task menu.

To hide or show the sidebar, click View > Sidebar.

Task Sidebar

Convert Files Converts SOLIDWORKS files created in an earlier release.
Upgrade Assistant

Tests the upgrade of parts, assemblies, and drawings.

Update Files Rebuilds specified files.
Update Associated files Rebuilds the specified file, plus any associated files located in specified folders.
Print Files Prints specified files using default document printer settings or selected options.
Import Files Imports STEP or IGES files and saves them as SOLIDWORKS documents.
Export Files Exports SOLIDWORKS documents to another file format (DXF, DWG files, IGES, STEP AP203, or STEP AP214).
Update Custom Properties Adds or modifies custom properties in the specified files.
Create Drawings Creates drawings for parts or assemblies, using the specified drawing document template.
Convert to High Quality Views Converts drawing views from Draft Quality to High Quality.
Run Custom Task Runs any application, using macros or command-line arguments that you specify.
Create eDrawings Creates eDrawings®, using selected export options.
Update Simulation Updates the SOLIDWORKS Simulation analysis in specified files.
Design Checker Checks SOLIDWORKS documents against existing standards files.
Render and Animation Manages rendering and animation tasks.
Build ECAD Files Builds multiple ECAD files (used by CircuitWorks) as SOLIDWORKS solid models.