Creating a Grid System

  1. In a part or assembly, click Grid System (Features toolbar) or Insert > Reference Geometry > Grid System .
    A sketch opens on the top plane. To sketch on a different plane, select the plane before using the Grid System tool.
  2. Create a sketch that represents the grid.
  3. In the Confirmation Corner, click Exit Sketch .
  4. Set options in the PropertyManager, then click .
    The following occurs:
    • The sketch is replicated for each level in the structure.
    • Balloons identify the grid items in the sketch.
    • Reference planes are created for each level.
    • A surface is created that relates to the elevations of all grid lines.
    • Sketch points are inserted on all projected intersections of the grid lines and levels of the structure.
    • A 3D sketch is created that acts as a support between each level in the structure.
    You cannot edit a derived sketch or reference plane used in the grid system.