Connecting to the Platform from the 3DEXPERIENCE Tab

After installing Design with SOLIDWORKS, you connect to the platform from the 3DEXPERIENCE tab in the Task Pane. This tab integrates all the capabilities of Design with SOLIDWORKS.

From the 3DEXPERIENCE tab, you can access the following 3DEXPERIENCE apps and widgets:
  • MySession
  • 3DSearch
  • Relations
  • Project Explorer
  • Bookmark Editor
  • Compare

To connect to the 3DEXPERIENCE platform in SOLIDWORKS:

  1. Optional: To make the 3DEXPERIENCE tab available, do the following:
    1. Go to Tools > Add-Ins.
    2. Under Active Add-ins and Start up, select 3DEXPERIENCE.
  2. In the 3DEXPERIENCE tab, click Connect and log in to the platform using your 3DPassport credentials.
  3. Select a Collaborative Space and Role, and click OK.

The MySession widget opens and shows the active collaborative space in the top bar. You can start lifecycle operations with SOLIDWORKS models.

When you log in to SOLIDWORKS, you automatically log in to the 3DEXPERIENCE platform.

For more information on the apps available from the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform tab, see 3DEXPERIENCE Side Panel in Dassault Systèmes User Assistance. Access to Dassault Systèmes User Assistance requires 3DEXPERIENCE credentials.