Renaming a Title

For parts, assemblies, and drawings, the Design with SOLIDWORKS app lets you give a document a title that is different from the file name.

The title is a name that you can change whenever required. The file name is a unique identifier that remains unchanged.

When you enable the Design with SOLIDWORKS app, documents display the title instead of the file name. If you have not assigned a title, documents display the file name.

The following dialog boxes list both the title and the file name:
  • Pack and Go
  • Reload
  • Find References

You can also reset the title to the file name.

To rename a title:

  1. In the FeatureManager Design Tree, right-click a SOLIDWORKS document and click Rename Title.
  2. In the Rename Title dialog box, enter the new title, or click Reset to change the title back to the file name, and click OK.

The title updates in MySession.