Searching for Files and Models

You can specify options that control how file and model search behaves. You can also specify file locations to include in search paths.

To search for files and models:

  1. In the SOLIDWORKS application, expand the search menu (upper right corner) and click search_files_and_models_menu.png Files and Models.
  2. Type the search string, then press Enter.
    The search uses specific syntax for the search string. This syntax can include text, keywords, custom properties, and special operator characters.
    As you type, Search provides a list of suggestions based on your recent searches. You can also enter keywords: click Search Keywords > keyword .
    Results appear on the Search tab in the Task Pane. If the results require more than one page, navigate with the Forward Search_Forward.gif and Back Search_Back.gif buttons or specify a page for Next at the bottom of the tab.