Configuring Toolbox

Toolbox administrators use the Toolbox configuration tool to select and customize hardware, and to set user preferences and permissions. The best practice is to configure Toolbox before using it.

To configure Toolbox:

  1. Open the Toolbox Setup dialog box based on the SOLIDWORKS version you use:
    1. In Windows, click Start > SOLIDWORKS Tools version > Toolbox Settings version.
    2. In SOLIDWORKS, click Configure in the SOLIDWORKS System Options - Hole Wizard/Toolbox dialog box.
  2. If Toolbox is managed by SOLIDWORKS PDM, click Yes at the prompt to check out the Toolbox folder.

    If you click No or if you do not have permission to check out the Toolbox folder, you can view Toolbox settings but you cannot save changes.

    To configure Toolbox from Toolbox Setup when Toolbox is managed by SOLIDWORKS PDM, Toolbox administrators must have the following SOLIDWORKS PDM folder permissions enabled:
    • Add or delete a folder
    • Add or rename a file
    • Check out file
    • Read file contents
  3. To select Hole Wizard holes and to specify default smart fasteners for standard Hole Wizard holes, click 1 - Hole Wizard.
  4. To select standards and hardware click 2 - Customize Your Hardware. After selecting the hardware, you can select sizes or define custom properties and add part numbers.

    To simplify Toolbox configuration, select only the standards and hardware that you use.

    To reduce the number of configurations, select the hardware within each standard and clear unused sizes and values.

    For example, Hex Screw Grade AB ISO 4014 in the ISO standard has over 1000 configurations by default. You can select the ISO standard from Toolbox Standards in the Toolbox Standards tree, and from Bolts and Screws, select Hex Screw Grade AB ISO 4014. There are three standard properties that determine the number of configurations: Size, Length, and Thread Display. The total number of configurations is the product of the selected sizes, lengths, and thread display values. Selecting sizes from M1.6 to M10, lengths of 30 or less, and a single thread display value, reduces the number of configurations to fewer than 100.

  5. To set Toolbox user preferences, click 3 - Define User Settings.
  6. To password-protect Toolbox from unauthorized access and to set permissions for Toolbox functions, click 4 - Set Permissions.
  7. To specify other smart fastener preferences, including fasteners for non-Hole Wizard holes, click 5 - Configure Smart Fasteners.
  8. Click Save .
  9. Click Close .