Using Design Clipart with SOLIDWORKS Task Scheduler

To use Design Clipart with SOLIDWORKS Task Scheduler:

  1. Create a dissection folder and place files to dissect there.
  2. Click Options > File Locations. In Show folders for, select Search Paths. Add the dissection folder under Folders and click OK.
  3. Click Options > Search, and select Schedule dissection daily to automatically dissect files in search paths.
  4. Set a Daily Start Time and Daily Stop Time to run the Design Clipart dissection (default is 11p.m. start).
    Task Scheduler runs the dissection task at the scheduled time.
    If a daily dissection is missed by over two hours, Design Clipart does not try to run that same scheduled dissection the following day. For example, you set the dissection start time to 11p.m., but you power down the computer at 6p.m. When you power up the computer the next morning at 9a.m., the missed 11p.m. dissection from the night before does not run.