Feature Checks

On the Feature Checks tab , click any of the following to add to the Build Checks requirements:

Feature Error Warnings

Identifies features that have rebuild errors or warnings.

Fully Defined Sketch

Identifies sketches that are not fully defined.

Standard Hole Size

Verifies if holes in the part or assembly document comply with the standard hole sizes created with Simple Holes or the Hole Wizard.

Activate Standard Hole Sizes through Feature Checks .

For example, this check included a Custom Throughhole with a non-standard diameter of 0.3420.

Parameter Name Remarks
Standard Hole Sizes Custom Throughhole Diameter: 03240
Standard Throughhole Diameter: 0.24320
Tapered Drill and Tapered are not supported for Legacy Hole types.

Suppressed Feature

Cycles through all features and model configurations for suppressed parts.

For Suppressed Components , and Suppressed Features :
  • The check fails only if the condition exists in all configurations.
  • Setting the Criticality level is the only user interface.

Feature Positioning Check

The Feature Positioning check verifies that the active document has no 2D or 3D sketches positioned with references to fillet or chamfer edges.

Click Feature Positioning under Feature Checks tab_Des_Chk_Features.gif to add to the Build Checks.