Standard Template Check

The Standard Template Check verifies the sheet size properties of drawings and the type of projection used for the views' layout.

Click Standard Template under Drawing Document Checks tab_Des_Chk_Drawing.gif to add this check to the Build Checks.

Sheet size Displays the Format name and File path for sheet format templates that you add.
Add Adds a sheet format template from the selected file path.
Delete Deletes the selected sheet format template.
Type of projection Select the type of projection used for the views' layout. This is the preferred type of projection during autocorrection.
You can check the installation location for the sheet format templates in
Tools > Options > System Options > File Locations. In Show folders for select Sheet Formats.
Criticality Sets the importance level for the check.

When you check the active document, all failed checks are organized by criticality level.

Preferred auto correction values

Format name Select the preferred sheet template file.

Your preferred sheet template overrides the default autocorrection setting specified in the selected *.swstd drafting standard file.

Type of projection Shows the preferred type of projection.