Modifying an Installation

You can modify an installation to install products that have not been installed or to remove products, provided that the previous installation was completed with a full set of installation files. This option is not available if you upgraded the previous installation with a service pack.

If you installed SOLIDWORKS and purchased an add-in later, you can modify the installation to include the new add-in. You must install the add-in on each individual machine.

  1. Make sure that no SOLIDWORKS sessions are active.
  2. Open the Windows Control Panel and click Programs and Features.
  3. Select the SOLIDWORKS installation you want to modify and then click Change.
  4. On the Welcome to the SOLIDWORKS Installation Manager screen, click Modify your installation.
  5. On the Serial Number screen, verify that the appropriate serial numbers are specified.
  6. On the Product Selection screen, select the products to install or remove.
    When modifying an installation:
    • No products are installed or removed by default, even if you specify a new serial number. You must change the installation action of each product or feature component.
    • To view the projected action for a particular component, click the component name (but not the check box). The intended installation action appears in the information field below the product listing.
    • You can click the check box next to the product component to change the installation action for that component. (For example, if you are installing or removing components, selecting the check box specifies that the component is to be installed or removed and clearing the check box specifies that the component is not to be installed or removed.)
    • When you change a component installation action from the initial specification, an asterisk (*) appears next to that component in the listing.
    • If a component has optional installation subcomponents in it, a + icon appears next to the component. To see the available subcomponents for a component, click the + icon.
    • If a component has been expanded to show optional subcomponents, a - icon appears next to the component. To collapse the subcomponent listing, click the - icon.
  7. On the Summary screen, click Modify Now.
  8. On the Installation is Complete screen, click Finish.