List Free Body Force

You can list the free body forces at selected faces, edges, vertices, or components. The free body forces can come from contact, external loads, restraints, or connectors.

List Free Body Forces is available for static and nonlinear studies.

For a static study, on the Static > Options tab, select Compute free body forces.

For a nonlinear study, on the Nonlinear > Solution tab, select Compute free body forces.

When the analysis completes, right-click the Results folder, and select List Result Force. Under Options, select Free body force.

Available for static studies with Large Displacement option cleared.
You cannot list free body forces on rigid bodies.


Plane, Axis or Coordinate System Lists the results relative to the selected local coordinate system. If you do not select an entity, the free body forces are listed with respect to the global coordinate system.
Vertex of Reference Point for Location of Moment Select a reference point or vertex to calculate the free body moments about the selected point (selection of moment arm). If you do not select a reference point, free body moments are not calculated.
Units Sets the output units.
Faces, Edges, or Vertices Select geometry entities to list the free body forces.
For an accurate free body moment calculation, select shell edges not shell faces.
Components Select parts or the entire model to list free body forces
Plot Step Available for nonlinear studies. Free body forces are listed for the selected time step.
  Update Updates the results based on the current selected entities.

Free Body Force

Lists the free body forces acting on the selected entities and the entire model. Forces in the X-, Y-, and Z- directions of the selected reference coordinate system and the resultant force is shown.

Free Body Moment

Lists the free body moments about the selected vertex or reference point.
To calculate free body moments for shells, select shell edges not shell faces.

Display Options

Display resultant forces When checked, the three force vectors (X-, Y-, and Z- components) are converted to a resultant force vector. Only the resultant force vector is displayed.

Report Options

Save to file Saves the list of free body forces to an Excel spreadsheet (*.csv) or a plain text file (*.txt).
Copy to Clipboard Copies the displayed results in the clipboard. You can paste the copied data in a Microsoft Word or Excel document.