Result Options PropertyManager

You can set options for the output of the drop test analysis.

Solution Time After Impact

Solution Time After Impact
The program calculates a default observation time interval from 3L/Ve, where L is the largest model box size and Ve is the speed of the elastic wave in the material. Ve is calculated as the square root of the (Modulus of elasticity/density). A typical value of the elastic wave velocity is considered by the program. User-defined material properties are not considered in the calculation of the solution time after impact. The program internally calculates appropriate time increments that can be nonuniform.

Save Results

Sets the instants of time at which the program saves plot results (for all nodes) and graph results (at selected vertices and reference points).

Save Results Starting From This is the first instant at which the program starts saving results. The default value is 0, which instructs the program to start saving data from the moment of first impact. Use this parameter after an initial run to specify the time window of interest based on preliminary results.
No. of Plots Sets the number of plots that the program saves. Plot results are saved at all nodes. The plots are uniformly distributed over the data saving period (Solution time after impact - time set for the program to start saving results).
Sensor List Simulation Data sensors that report Workflow Sensitive data are available for selection from the menu. The All Tracked Data Sensors option in the menu selects vertices and points defined in all of the workflow sensitive data sensors. The program saves refined time history graphs for the selected vertices and points when you run the study.
No. of graph steps per plot Sets the number of graph intervals for result plots. The total number of data points for each graph is equal to No. of plots times No. of graph steps per plot.
If you select at least one vertex or reference point, graphs are available only at the selected locations. Each graph has (No. of plots Np * No. of graph steps per plot Ng) data points. If you do not select any vertices or reference points, graphs are not available at all nodes at a lower resolution. Each graph has (No. of plots Np) data points.
The following figure illustrates different parameters in the Result Options PropertyManager.