List Sensor PropertyManager

You can list results from transient studies (nonlinear, linear dynamic, drop test, or transient thermal) that are stored in a transient sensor.

To access this PropertyManager, after you run a transient study, right-click the sensor icon under Sensors FM_sensors_folder.gif in the FeatureManager design tree, and select List.


Lists the values of the result component stored in the transient sensor. Results are listed for all solution steps.

plot-deformation.png Component Displays the result component that is stored in the transient sensor.
units.png Unit Displays the units of the result component.

Statistical Data

Lists statistical data of the results that are stored in the transient sensor. The sum, average, maximum, minimum, and the RMS (Root Mean Square) over the array of results appear.

Report Options

probesavefile.png Save Saves the results stored in the transient sensor to a comma delimited *.csv file. Use a text editor or Microsoft Excel to view this file.
time_curve.png Response Generates a 2D graph of the results versus solution steps.