Convergence Graph PropertyManager

The Convergence Graph PropertyManager sets the components to be plotted after a successful run of a static study using the p-adaptive method.

You can select any number of options. The horizontal axis is the number of loops. The vertical axis is normalized to unity if multiple graphs are selected.


Maximum von Mises Stress Generates a graph for the maximum von Mises stress in each loop.
Maximum Resultant Displacement Generates a graph for the maximum resultant displacement in each loop.
Total Strain Energy Generates a graph for the total strain energy of the model.
% Change in Global Criterion Generates a graph for the global criterion specified in the p-adaptive method. The global criterion is set on the Adaptive tab of the Static dialog box before running the analysis. The global criterion can be selected as the total strain energy, the RMS of resultant displacement, or the RMS of von Mises Stress.
Degrees of Freedom (DOF) Generates a graph for the degrees of freedom. Degrees of freedom increase as the p-order increases.
To access the dialog box for setting options related to the p-adaptive method, right-click the static study, select Properties, and click the Adaptive tab.