Output of Frequency Analysis

After running a frequency study successfully, you can:
  • Plot the resonant mode shapes. You can plot the mode amplitude in a selected direction (X-, Y-, or Z- ) or the resultant amplitude. Right-click Results and click Mode Shape/Amplitude Plot.
    The mode shape amplitude plots illustrate the profile of the mode only (i.e., the displacement of nodes relative to each other). The displacement values are calculated based on various normalization procedures. The software normalizes each mode shape such that {φI}T [M] {φI} is equal to [I]. Where {φI} is the vector representing the Ith mode shape, {φI}T is its transpose, [M] is the mass matrix, and [I] is the unit matrix.
  • List the resonant frequencies and mass participation factors. Right-click Results and click List Resonant Frequencies or List Mass Participation.
  • Create graphs of the resonant frequencies versus the mass participation factors. Right-click Results and click Define Frequency Response Graph.