Probing Result Plots

In many cases, you may want to know the numerical value of the plotted field at a particular location. Use the probe tool to display the numerical value of the plotted field at the closest node or element's center to the selected model location. You can graph the results or save them to a file.

  1. Activate the desired plot.
  2. Right-click the plot in the Simulation study tree and click Probe .
  3. In the PropertyManager, under Options, select one of the following:
    Option Description
    At Location Select locations on the model
    From Sensors Select a sensor name from Sensor List. You must first define sensors before this option becomes active.
    When probing results from sensor locations defined at coordinates, the location of the nearest node is used instead of the exact location of the sensor.
    On selected entities Select entities for Faces, Edges, Vertices . Click Update.
    View the results in the graphics area and under Results in the PropertyManager.
  4. Under Report Options, you can do the following:
    Option Description
    Click Save as Sensor Select nodes listed under Results to create a sensor list
    Click Save Save the probe results to a comma delimited *.csv file. Use a text editor or Microsoft Excel to view this file.
    Click Plot Generate a 2D graph of the results
  5. Under Annotations, select which annotations for the probe results are visible in the graphics area.
    You can also probe section plots on the faces cut by a section plane. The software uses linear interpolation to calculate the value. Create a section plot of the desired result on the undeformed shape of the model.