Borrowing and Returning SolidNetWork Licenses

You can borrow a SolidNetWork license to use the software from a remote location. Since the license is removed from the pool of available licenses, a borrowed license must be returned for it to become available again.

Borrowed licenses are valid only for the current user and machine on which they were borrowed; they cannot be moved.

The license is lent for a specified period of time, up to 30 days (or as defined by the system administrator), and the license is removed from the pool of available licenses.

Borrowing and returning a license does not work if the SOLIDWORKS license is in use.

System administrators can customize borrowing to:
  • Define users or groups that are allowed to borrow licenses
  • Set the number of licenses that cannot be borrowed

For details, see SolidNetWork_License_Manager_install_dir\Docs\flexuser\licensingenduserguide.pdf.