Upgrading from Individual Licensing to SolidNetWork Licensing

You can upgrade a computer from individual SOLIDWORKS licensing to SolidNetWork licensing by specifying the SolidNetWork license serial number in SOLIDWORKS Installation Manager.

If a computer does not have SOLIDWORKS installed, you can specify SolidNetWork licensing by entering the SolidNetWork serial number when installing with SOLIDWORKS Installation Manager.

If a computer already has SOLIDWORKS installed and you are switching from individual licensing to SolidNetWork Licensing, you can modify the installation for the client computer and specify the SolidNetWork License serial number in place of the individual license serial number when running SOLIDWORKS Installation Manager. For details, see Modifying an Installation.
If you installed SOLIDWORKS from an administrative image, the modify option is not available. You must make changes to the administrative image using the Administrative Option Editor, uninstall the client, and rerun the installation.