Using SolidNetWork Licenses with Add-in Products

You can use the SolidNetWork License Manager to distribute licenses for SOLIDWORKS core add-in products.

  • An equal number of SOLIDWORKS software licenses and SOLIDWORKS add-in licenses are not required.
  • To check out a license for an add-in product, you first must check out a license for SOLIDWORKS.
  • To borrow an add-in product license, you must borrow both the SOLIDWORKS software license and the SOLIDWORKS product license that includes the add-in. A SOLIDWORKS Standard license will be borrowed by default, but to enable an add-in, you will have to borrow a SOLIDWORKS Professional or SOLIDWORKS Premium product license.
  • To release an add-in product license:
    • In SOLIDWORKS, click Tools > Add-ins and clear the add-in.
    • Exit SOLIDWORKS.