Download Product Installation Files

Specify where and how to download missing files for the specified product.

SOLIDWORKS Installation Manager downloads, verifies, and extracts all files in parallel during the download process.

Cancelling out of this screen cancels the rest of the installation sequence.

For the consequences of cancellation and instructions on completing interrupted installations, see Installation Errors/Installation Cancelled.

Download Directory

Browse to the destination for the downloaded files.

The download size and the required space is shown. The required space includes any extra space needed to unzip certain downloads and is larger than the actual download size.

For answers to questions about the download folder, see SOLIDWORKS Installation Manager Download Folder.

Download Options

Speed up downloads by using more network bandwidth

The downloader uses an algorithm to increase the speed of the download by increasing the network bandwidth used during the download.

In some cases, this can disturb network performance. If you have trouble downloading, this option might not be supported by the proxy server. Try clearing the option and attempting the download again. For details, check with your network administrator.

Download acceleration increases bandwidth and can disturb network performance. Check with your network administrator before enabling download acceleration.

If download acceleration is not supported by the proxy server, this option might be automatically disabled.