Excel Design Table PropertyManager

You can select design table settings when you insert a design table.

To open this PropertyManager:

In a part or assembly document, click Excel Design Table (Tools toolbar) or Insert > Tables > Excel Design Table.


Blank Inserts a blank design table where you fill in the parameters.
Auto-create Automatically creates a new design table, and loads all configured parameters and their associated values from a part or assembly.
From file References a Microsoft Excel table. Click Browse to locate the table.

Link to file

Links the Excel table to the model. When a design table is linked, any changes you make to the table outside of SOLIDWORKS are reflected in the table within the SOLIDWORKS model, and vice versa.

Edit Control

Allow model edits to update the design table If you change the model, the changes are updated in the design table.
Block model edits that would update the design table Prevents you from changing the model if these changes update the design table.


New parameters Adds a new column to the design table if you add a new parameter to the model.
New configurations Adds a new row to the design table if you add a new configuration to the model.
Warn when updating design table Warns you of updates to the design table based on updated parameters.
Enable cell drop-down lists Allows cells to contain lists with multiple entries. When you enable lists, an arrow displays in each cell.