Relative View PropertyManager in Drawings

To open the Relative View PropertyManager:

Insert a Relative View into a drawing, or select an existing Relative View.

When you go to a model document to select model faces, the PropertyManager displays different choices.

Display State

For assemblies only. Select a display state of the assembly to place in the drawing.

The hide/show display state is supported by all display styles. Other display states (display mode , color Appearances.gif, etc.) are supported by Shaded with Edges Tool_Shaded_With_Edges_View.png and Shaded modes Tool_Shaded_View.png only.

Reference Configuration

Available when editing existing relative views.

PM_config_Named_View.gif Configuration name Lets you change drawing view configurations.
  Select Bodies Lets you select the bodies of a multibody part for inclusion in the drawing view. For flat patterns of multibody sheet metal parts, you can use one body per view.

Display Style

Click a display style.

Select High quality or Draft quality to set the display quality of the model.


Select a scale for the drawing view.

Dimension Type

Select Projected or True dimensions.

Cosmetic Thread Display

The following settings override the Cosmetic thread display option in Tools > Options > Document Properties > Detailing, if there are cosmetic threads in the drawing view.

High quality Displays precise line fonts and trimming in cosmetic threads. If a cosmetic thread is only partially visible, High quality shows only the visible portion (it shows precisely what is visible and what is invisible.)
System performance is slower with High quality cosmetic threads. It is recommended that you clear this option until you finish placing all annotations.
Draft quality Displays cosmetic threads with less detail. If a cosmetic thread is only partially visible, Draft quality shows the entire feature.

More Properties

After you create a view or select an existing view, click More Properties to open the Drawing View Properties dialog box where you can change configuration information, show hidden edges, and so on.