Document Properties - Bill of Materials

You can specify document-level drafting settings for bills of materials. Available for all document types.

To open this page:

With a drawing or an assembly BOM open, click Options (Standard toolbar), select the Document Properties tab, and then select Tables > Bill of Materials.

Overall drafting standard

Overall drafting standard Inherited from the selected Drafting Standard page settings.


Box Border Sets a line thickness for the outside border of the table.
Grid Border Sets a line thickness for the inner grid lines of the table.



Click to modify the font.

Zero quantity display

Specifies what to display in the Quantity column when an assembly component is missing from a configuration.


Missing component

Keep the row for missing component Lists assembly components that are missing from a configuration.
Select Display with strikeout text to strike out the listing for the missing component.


Select a layer.
You must first create layers for the drawing before you can select them for document properties.

You must select Per Standard for Layer (Layer toolbar) in the drawing view document to apply these layer settings.

Leading and trailing zeroes

Leading zeroes
Standard Leading zeroes appear according to the overall drafting standard.
Show Zeroes before decimal points are shown.
Remove Leading zeroes do not appear.
Trailing zeroes
Remove only on zero Trailing zeroes are trimmed for whole metric values, conforming to ANSI and ISO standards.
Show Trailing zeroes are displayed according to the decimal places you specify for Units.
Remove Trailing zeroes do not appear.
Standard Trailing zeroes appear according to the ASME Y14.5M-1994 standard.

Quantity column headers

Shows or hides custom text and the configuration name in the header of the quantity column. Sets the options independently for each type of BOM (Top level Only BOM, Parts Only BOM, and Indented BOM).

Show custom text in BOM header Replaces the default text in the header with text that you enter in Custom text. For a blank header, select this option and leave Custom text empty.
Show configuration in BOM header Adds the configuration name to the header.


Restrict top-level only BOMs to one configuration Select to limit Top-level only BOMs to one configuration. When you change the configuration in the BOM, the quantity column label does not change.
Automatic update of BOM Select to update the BOM when you add or delete components in the associated assembly.

Combine same length cut list items with different profiles (pre-2019 behavior)

Controls how cut list items are grouped in the BOM when you change their lengths to be the same.
  • Selected: Combines those same-length cut list items even if they have different profiles. This is the behavior used in SOLIDWORKS 2018 and earlier.
  • Cleared: Combines only those same-length cut list items with identical profiles. Cut list items with different profiles remain separate, even if their lengths are changed to be the same.
Turning this option on or off might affect the behavior of existing BOMs in the active document if you then edit the lengths of cut list items.