Rebuild and Save Settings Dialog Box

In this dialog box, you can specify the configurations to which you want to apply the Rebuild on Save mark.

To open this dialog box:

  1. At the top of the ConfigurationManager or FeatureManager design tree, right-click the model name, and click Rebuild on Save Mark.
  2. Click Add Mark for Specified Configurations.
Specify configurations to rebuild Applies the Rebuild on Save mark to the active configuration and any other configurations that you select. The selected configurations generate full data sets the next time you save the document. Then, the data rebuilds and saves every time you save the document.

Removes the Rebuild on Save mark from all other configurations. If the Display Data mark is not selected, the cleared configurations have the or icons depending on the current state of their configuration data.

Select All Selects all the configurations listed.
Reset Selection Reverts to the active configuration.

When you open the model in Service Pack 5 of the previous release of SOLIDWORKS:

  • Configurations marked with the Rebuild on Save mark are available.
  • Configurations without the mark are not available.