3DEXPERIENCE Exchange Overview

The 3DEXPERIENCE Exchange add-in lets SOLIDWORKS users safely work with a package of content from a 3DEXPERIENCE source, such as the Design with SOLIDWORKS app. SOLIDWORKS users can seamlessly open the package, modify files, and return the 3DEXPERIENCE content package to the 3DEXPERIENCE source.


  1. Enable the add-in.
  2. Import a package.
  3. Modify files.
  4. Export the package.

Enable the Add-In

To enable the add-in, in SOLIDWORKS, click Tools > Add-ins and under Other Add-ins, select 3DEXPERIENCE Exchange. The 3DEXPERIENCE Exchange appears in the Task Pane.
You must have SOLIDWORKS 2020 or later.

Import a Package

In 3DEXPERIENCE Exchange, you import .SLDPKG packages into your workspace and then activate a single package to work on. You can switch between packages to activate the required package.
The package can contain only SOLIDWORKS files.


In the active package, you can modify any 3DEXPERIENCE source files that have an editable status, like Unchanged. For assemblies, you can add and remove components. 3DEXPERIENCE Exchange verifies references and prompts you to add required references to the package.

You cannot modify source files that have a Read-only status. You cannot delete configurations in any 3DEXPERIENCE source file.


When you finalize the modified package, you export it as a .SLDPKG file to return to the 3DEXPERIENCE source user.