Sheet Metal Bend Line Notes

Flat pattern drawing views can display bend line notes or bend tables.

Sheet metal bend line notes allow:
  • Editing content
  • Modifying default format. Edit install_dir\lang\language\bendnoteformat.txt
  • Maintaining associative capabilities. Change the bend angle, bend direction, or bend radius, and the notes update in the drawing.
  • Positioning notes. Change the display position of bend notes.
  • Merging collinear notes. To merge collinear bend notes into a single note, multi-select the notes, right-click, and select Merge Bend Notes.
  • Unmerging notes. To unmerge bend notes, right-click the merged note and click Unmerge Bend Notes.

You can control the precision for sheet metal bend line notes in Tools > Options > Document Properties > Tables > Bend.

In the Drawing View PropertyManager, you can:
  • Show or hide bend notes
  • Set the bend direction, bend radius, bend order, and bend allowance
  • Edit the text, including removing the R for the bend radius parameter
  • Display complementary and supplementary bend angles