The Drawing Window

The drawing window includes a FeatureManager design tree that is similar to the design tree in the part and assembly windows. The FeatureManager design tree for drawings consists of a hierarchical list of items pertaining to the drawing. There is an icon for each sheet; under each sheet, there are icons for the sheet format and each view.

Standard views contain the feature list for the part or assembly shown in the view. Generated views, such as detail or section views, contain additional, view-specific items (detail circles, section lines, and so on).

The drawing window has rulers at the top and left side. The rulers (and the status bar) show the position of the pointer on the sheet. To turn the ruler display on or off, click View > User Interface > Rulers . To specify the major and minor ruler line graduations, click Tools > Options > Document Properties > Grid/Snap . Specify the Major grid spacing and Minor-lines per major settings.