Use the Cut screen in the Costing Template Editor to define the cost of cutting methods based on length or stroke.

To display this screen:

  • In the Costing Template Editor, click Cut.

    The Cut screen is only available after you enter information in the Material and Thickness screens.

You can copy and paste numerical data in the Costing Template Editor.

Cut Methods

Use this section to define cut methods that are priced by the length of the cut or number of strokes (cuts).

Default Sets the default Cut Method to use for all cut paths in the model.
Cut Method Sets the name of the cutting method.
Cut Type Sets the type of cutting method.
Setup Cost Sets a setup cost per lot for the cutting method. The Setup Cost is added to the Setup FM_folder.gif folder in the CostingManager and it is divided by the lot size to get the setup cost per part.


Displays the rows that match the Class, Custom Material, Thickness, Cut Method, Cost, Unit, and Extra Cost selected.