Deleting a Configuration Within a Design Table

Deleting a configuration does not delete any features or components.
  1. In the ConfigurationManager:
    1. Activate a configuration that you want to keep. The configuration that you want to delete must not be active.
    2. Right-click Excel Design Table and click Edit Table or Edit Table in New Window.
  2. In the worksheet, click the numbered cell next to the configuration name that you want to delete to select the whole row, then click Edit > Delete.
    You can also right-click the numbered cell, and select Delete.
    Do not press the Delete key to delete the row. Pressing Delete clears the contents of the cells and leaves an empty row. Any rows below an empty row are ignored.
  3. When you click outside the table, the table is evaluated, and you are asked to confirm the deletion of the configuration.
  4. Click Yes.