Editing a Design Table

When you use design tables in SOLIDWORKS, it is important to format the tables properly.
  1. In the ConfigurationManager, right-click Excel Design Table and click Edit Table or Edit Table in New Window.
    The worksheet appears in the window. If you click Edit Table in New Window, the worksheet opens in a separate Excel window.
  2. Edit the table. You can change the parameter values in the cells, add rows for additional configurations, or add columns to control additional parameters.
    Since design tables appear in drawings, you may want to change their appearance while editing them in the model documents. You can edit the format of the cells, using the Excel functions to modify fonts, alignment, borders, and other items.
  3. Click outside of the table to close it. If you are working with the design table in a separate window, click File > Close.
  4. If you receive a confirmation message that the design table generated new configurations, click OK.
    The configurations update to reflect your changes.