Promoting a User to Administrator

If an account has administrators, the Admin Portal displays contact information for the administrators. You can contact them and request to be an administrator for the account.

If you are an administrator, you can promote other users of the account to be administrators.

To promote a user to an administrator:

  1. Click the Members tab.
  2. From the list of names, select a user.

    If you have trouble finding a user, you can query the Admin Portal by entering search criteria in the Find Members pane.

  3. In the Member Details pane, under User Rights, click Change to Admin.
  4. Then click Change to confirm or Cancel.
  5. An email inviting the user to become an administrator displays. Click Send.

User Rights displays as Pending when the invitation is sent. After acceptance, User Rights changes to Admin.

You can demote an administrator to a user by selecting Change to Member.