Using 3DEXPERIENCE Exchange

The 3DEXPERIENCE Exchange add-in lets SOLIDWORKS users safely work with a package of content from a 3DEXPERIENCE source, such as the Design with SOLIDWORKS app.

You must first receive an .SLDPKG package of content from a 3DEXPERIENCE source. The sender notifies you and sends the package that you save locally to a location defined as your workspace. For more information about creating the package, see Exporting SOLIDWORKS Data from the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform. Packages can contain only SOLIDWORKS files.

To use 3DEXPERIENCE Exchange:

  1. To enable the add-in, click Tools > Add-Ins and under other Other Add-Ins, select 3DEXPERIENCE Exchange and click OK.
    If you do not see the add-in, you must install it. Download the installation files from the SOLIDWORKS website.
  2. In the Task Pane, open the 3DEXPERIENCE Exchange tab and click Import Package.
  3. In the dialog box. specify the Workspace Folder where you saved the package, the Package File, and the Package Name, then click Import.
    The software extracts the contents of the package to the workspace and the package becomes active. The list of files in the package appears in 3DEXPERIENCE Exchange. The Status column indicates files that you can modify (Unchanged) and those that you only view (Read-only). Status colors represent different statuses (Green=Unchanged, Orange=Modified, Blue=Added Reference).

  4. To edit the package files, right-click a file and select an option from the list.

    Option Description
    Open Opens the file in SOLIDWORK so you can edit it.
    Open Containing Folder Opens the File Explorer folder that contains the file.
    Check References Opens the Check for References dialog box that finds references for the file and indicates the path. This helps ensure that all referenced files are in the package.
    Remove Removes files that you added to the package and deletes them from the workspace. You can Shift + select multiple files to remove. You cannot remove files that are from the 3DEXPERIENCE source or added files if they are referenced by 3DEXPERIENCE source files.
    You can filter by parts, assemblies, and top-level assemblies.
  5. To handle an active package, click Package commands and select an option from the list.

    Option Description
    Close Closes the active package. To edit another package in your workspace, click Edit Package and select a package from the list.
    Rename Highlights the Package Name field so you can rename the package. Click Rename to save the change.
    Export Opens the Export Package dialog box that you use to package the files as an .SLDPKG file to send back to the 3DEXPERIENCE source owner.
    Delete Deletes the entire package from your Workspace Folder.